June 10, 2014

Topping out ceremony of SORA gardens I

After nearly one and a half years, the project “SORA gardens I” has officially completed construction of the building frame as scheduled.

On June 6th 2014, the topping out ceremony of “SORA gardens I” was performed by the developer of the project (Becamex Tokyu) and the main contractor (Hoa Binh Corporation).   

The “SORA gardens I” project started its groundwork on 21.11.2012, commenced its superstructure work on 07.01.2013, and now, the finishing work is well underway.

“SORA gardens I” is a high-rise apartment building, which was built in accordance with standard Japanese quality. It consists of 2 twin towers with 24 stories and about 400 units. After being completed, this building will have a commercial center, parking lot, and wide range of amenities such as guestrooms, a gym, a rooftop swimming pool, and a podium roof garden.


A souvenir shot of the staff of Becamex Tokyu and Hoa Binh

Mr Nakata.jpg

Mr. Nakata Yasuyuki- General Director of BECAMEX TOKYU had a speech at the ceremony

Me be tong cuoi cung.jpg

Pouring final concrete for topping out structure

Sora 2.jpg

The building frame of “SORA gardens I” was completed.