December 12, 2021


On the morning of December 12, 2021, the topping-off ceremony of the commercial facility Hikari Expansion in Binh Duong New City was held by the project’s owner BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd. and constructor Hoa Binh Construction Group.

The project’s owner BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd. and constructor Hoa Binh Construction Group representatives at the Hikari Expansion Topping-off ceremony (Photo by: Hoa Binh Construction Group)

The commercial project Hikari Expansion has the total area of 18.500m2, and is among the Hikari commercial zone within the urbanism of TOKYU Garden City in Binh Duong New City. The expansion area will consist of 15 commercial spaces (restaurants, café,…) located in a 1 to 2 storey  structures. Especially, the widely loved pizza brand Pizza 4P’s will be a significant tenant in the area.

The Hikari Expansion construction site (Photo by: Hoa Binh Construction Group)

This second phase of is expected to bring a whole new dining and entertainment experience as well as diverse and relaxing lifestyle to the people of Binh Duong New City as being uniquely landscaped with water gardens, ample greenery, and relaxing landscape lighting which harmonize the nature.

The nature surrounded area in Hikari Expansion

In addition, the project will also promote sustainable living with initiatives such as “Compost” (an effort in composting kitchen waste discharged from the restaurants), “Aquaponics” (a food production system in which plants grow using the excrement of fish cultivated in the pond in the project as nutrients), and landscaped with seasonal edible plants and fruit trees with the concept of “Edible Landscape.”

The project was planned to be completed and opened by the end of 2021, but the complicated outbreak of COVID-19 has brought certain difficulties to the construction, and lengthen the completion. However, the construction units are still putting great efforts in guaranteeing the quality and safety for the site the whole time.