July 3, 2020

Taking SAFETY Taking BENEFIT – Promotion for residents of MIDORI PARK The VIEW when using KAZE bus by BECAMEX TOKYU

From April 1 to December 31 2020, owners of bus free cards can get tasty offers from tenants by only showing their cards. To be specific, the offers are:
• A free cold brew from midori cafe
• A free ice-cream for any bill at Sukiya Tokyo Bowls And Noodles
• 50 free Korean sausage sets for 50 first customers come to Jin Sundae

Moreover, 10 TIMES TAKE BUS (June 1 to July 15) also benefits the passengers with offers from MIDORI PARK The VIEW:
• One time free use of SKY LOUNGE
• One time free use of GUEST ROOM

Vouchers set from restaurants:
• midori cafe (a free banh mi and coffee set)
• Annz (a free Sapporo)
• BIA FACTORY (a free craft beer)
• Yoriga (a free tokbokki/French fries/beer)
• Danh Nguyen (10% discount)
• The Sushi Bar (10% discount)

* Vouchers applied from July 25 to September 30.
* Promotions are not applicable for bus routes to AEON Mall and GO GO Shuttle Bus.
* Residents are contacted by receptionists for the free pass cards.