August 19, 2021


On congratulating the establishment of Kawasaki Frontale Football School, Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) sent a congratulation message to the school, as well as spread a news article on the federation’s website.

The news about Kawasaki Frontale FC – the current Japan J1 League champion, had officially stepped in to join the football training field in Vietnam apparently brought the joy to Vietnam and Binh Duong’s football lovers, especially when the Corona virus has been causing a lot of affects to football activities and events in the country.

In the congratulation letter, VFF expressed their belief that the establishment of Kawasaki Frontale Football School in Vietnam affirmed the correct direction of the Vietnam Football Federation in socializing football and accompanying with stakeholders and partners to develop the grassroots football in Binh Duong as well as Vietnam.

Kawasaki Frontale Football School is founded with the aim of discovering and developing potential football players, thereby connecting with clubs and professional football academies in Vietnam and Japan.

The All-star friendly match featuring the best players from all teams that participated in the U-13 International Youth Cup 2020 Vietnam – Japan

During the past years, after the team had participated in the friendly championship “TOKYU Binh Duong Garden City Cup 2013” with BFC (BECAMEX Binh Duong FC) as the top team, Kawasaki Frontale and Becamex Binh Duong have been continuously engaging in many activities throughout Vietnam, including hosting football classes for children in Vietnam, sending their coaches to Vietnam’s football academies, or organizing the “U-13 International Youth Cup”.

U-13 Kawasaki Frontale FC in the U-13 International Youth Cup 2020 Vietnam – Japan

In this time’s cooperation, Kawasaki Frontale FC sends the coaches and experts who have been certificated by JFA to Binh Duong to directly train and instruct the children to improve physical strength and encouraging the love of football. The school targets young players aged 5-12, and they are expecting to open the first classes in October 2021.

Kawasaki Frontale Football School targets training young players aged 5-12

On behalf of VFF, Mr. Cao Van Chong – Vice President sent the congratulation message for the establishment of Kawasaki Frontale Football School and affirmed that VFF will always support the school.

“VFF believes that with the experience in organizing the Vietnam – Japan’s culture and sports activities in Binh Duong recent years, the establish of Kawasaki Frontale Football school will be a big step for the development of grassroots football in Binh Duong as well as Vietnam.” Mr. Cao Van Chong emphasized.

On Kawasaki Frontale Football School’s side, Mr. Keigo Ikeda shared that: “With the experience in Japan, we want to be a part of the development of Vietnamese Football. Through the training, we want to assist the growth of the children, who are going play an important role in the future of Binh Duong New City as well as Vietnam”. Beside, Mr. Ikeda also expressed his honor and pride when receiving the faith from VFF, experts, and Vietnamese’s parents.

Kawasaki Frontale Football School wants to encourage Binh Duong’s children’s physical strength development and and the love for football

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