September 19, 2014

    Start of the provisional operation of the KAZE SHUTTLE bus in Binh Duong province

    On 20th September 2014 (Saturday), BECAMEX TOKYU BUS, a subsidiary of BECAMEX TOKYU Joint Venture, will start provisional operation of the “KAZE SHUTTLE” bus in Binh Duong Province.

    Currently, the Integrated Administration Center of Binh Duong has started operating at Binh Duong New City, which has become the new capital of the Province.

    KAZE SHUTTLE bus connects Thu Dau Mot City and Binh Duong New City. It will be a new means of transport for government workers who work at the Administration Center and will also respond to the transportation needs of the residents in Binh Duong New City.

    Along with utilizing the Japanese know-how such as running a punctual timetable, serving customers well, and providing education about safe driving…, BECAMEX TOKYU BUS provides a new bus system that uses compressed natural gas (CNG), which is good for the environment.

    The bus is called “KAZE SHUTTLE”. “Kaze” means the wind in Japanese, so it represents a breeze passing through the New City. In collaboration with the condominium project “SORA gardens” (in Japanese, “Sora” means the sky), we hope that Vietnamese people can feel the Japanese features of style, way of living, beauty in the built environment through BECAMEX TOKYU’s projects.

    ※ Kaze bus will run free of charge from the date of 20.09.2014 (Saturday) to 30/09/2014 (Tuesday).
    ※ Currently, a part of the road is under construction, thus we will temporally run a detour route.


    Kaze  bus-1.JPG

    Kaze bus-4.JPG