January 22, 2021


“SORA market” is a food event that has been held for several times at SORA gardens, TOKYU Garden City with many different themes such as Thailand, Taiwan, Korean, Vietnam, or vegetarian… And the 29th SORA market – Meat Lovers “Japan Street Food Festival”, took place on January 22nd evening, introduced the experience of Japanese street food culture, and brought the visitors an entertaining and enjoyable night, which would be most suitable to have fun with their friends, colleagues and family for the weekend.

Living up to its name, the 29th SORA market featured the most original meat dishes from many Japanese restaurants, including the famous Gyumaru with their renowned hamburger, Wakaba with their negima, meatball, pork belly and grilled chicken heart, SUKIYA with their gyudon and chicken, as well as the juicy grills from the familiar Yoriga, Bia Factory,…

The variety of choices for meat dishes, from the juicy Gyumaru burger…

to the inviting grilled chicken from Yoriga

The most original grilled skewers from Wakaba

And the Bia Factory ones are just simple but make you want more

Besides enjoying the food, the visitors also “chilled” the night with the Japanese wines from Yamanashi Japan Sake and cold beer while having a good time talking with their friends.

In addition, there were also the participation of ARTISAN Bakery and John’s Coffee with lighter dishes and many kinds of refreshments, which was perfect for families.

The adorable girls of the Japanese style idol NIJI Universe, Inc. and the acoustic band brought the most joyful songs to the 29th SORA market – Meat Lovers Festival “Japan Street Food Festival” to make the night more dynamic.

The weather was not very ideal at first due to light rain, but thanks to the rain, the sky was clear and the air was refreshing, it turned out an absolutely nice and pleasant night for people to enjoy.

This 29th SORA market – Meat Lovers “Japan Street Food Festival” means greatly to residents, being one of the few festivities and celebrations in a year’s time because of Covid-19. Especially to the Japanese residents who could not return to their hometown, they found the festival “very Japanese” and that it somewhat reminded them of the home atmosphere, which was a comfort to their dismay. The opinion was a big motivation for BECAMEX TOKYU as that’s the community connection that BECAMEX TOKYU has always wanted to pursue and spread through every festivities and celebration.