October 27, 2011

MOU signing ceremony

Tokyu Corporation concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Becamex IDC Corp. on October 27th, 2011, and has examined businesses related to urban development in Binh Duong Province and other areas in Vietnam.

The main points of the MOU are as follows:

  1. The two companies will set up a research and development team to consider potential projects.
  2.  Becamex IDC Corp. will provide information on development proposals in Binh Duong Province and other provinces, and make efforts to obtain government cooperation.
  3. Tokyu Corporation will make efforts to provide knowledge in respect of project management, operation and development, including inviting partners.

2011Oct27-1.jpgMr. Hirofumi Nomoto general director of Tokyu Corporation, and Nguyen Van Hung chairman of Becamex IDC Corp. at the MOU signing ceremony

2011Oct27-2.jpgThe hall of the MOU signing ceremony between Tokyu Corporation and Becamex IDC Corp.

2011Oct27-3.jpgMr. Koshimura Toshiaki chairman of Tokyu Group and Mr. Nguyen Van Hung chairman of Becamex IDC Corp. exchanged presents