December 24, 2020


BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd held the commencement ceremony for the expansion of Hikari commercial project on December 24th, 2020.

The ceremony welcomed the attendance of the investor – BECAMEX TOKYU Co., Ltd, the construction management consultant Apave Asia Co., Ltd, the design consultant – Takashi Niwa Architects and the constructor Hoa Binh Construction Group Joint Stock Company.

At the ceremony, Mr. Onuma Minoru – Deputy General Director of BECAMEX TOKYU delivered a speech of appreciation to all the partners for their support as well as expressed his wish to further develop the urbanism project of TOKYU Garden City, emphasizing the “Always NEW!” concept to aspects of nature, working environments, transportation, medical, education, academic, ICT (information and communications technology), culture and entertainment.

Mr. Onuma Minoru – Deputy General Director of BECAMEX TOKYU

Hikari expansion project is designed by Takashi Niwa Architects, with the concept “Made to enlighten” and the vision “the best of environment and culture”.

Apart from the widely loved pizza brand Pizza 4P’S, the project willl also feature many other famous brands, which will make best life out of TOKYU Garden City.

Hikari expansion project’s open landscape is designed with seasonal flower garden and 40 types of fruit tree and shrub as well as an artificial stream that runs along the project. The project will also pursue the sustainable development with initiatives such as “Compost” (composting kitchen waste discharged from the restaurants), “Aquaponics” (a food production system in which plants grow using the excrement of fish cultivated in the pond in the project as nutrients), and landscaped with seasonal edible plants and fruit trees with the concept of “Edible Landscape”. All of which will make Hikari a brilliant place that’s filled with sunlights, greenery and refreshing water, a destination for everyone, and a home to new values.

Perspective image of Hikari phase 2 expansion