October 6, 2020


    BECAMEXT TOKYU Co., Ltd. continued to bring new colors to the full moon season in Binh Duong New City by hosting their 6th Mid-Autumn Festival in TOKYU Garden City, Binh Duong New City.

    The event was held in 3 days – September 26 (Sat), September 27 (Sun) and Mid-Autumn day October 1, 2020 (Thu) in hikari Food Court by TOKYU Garden City. Many experiential and family connecting activities are included, e.g. making mooncake workshop, decorating lantern, “chị Hằng” and “chú Cuội” dressing up… Other than that, there was also a live music show with performances from students of many universities in Binh Duong New City and a special lion dance that attract crowds of visitors.

    The highlight of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival was the dazzling check-in spot filled with lanterns imitating the sky-lanterns that added the gleam and sparkles to the visitor’s photos.

    Thousands of visitors showed up, checked-in and feasted in hikari Food Court, making unforgettable memories of a radiant Mid-Autumn season.

    The children made their own mooncakes

    What’s more exciting than playing with the lantern you painted yourself?

    Dress up as “chị Hằng”

    And “chú Cuội”

    Families and friend groups came and check-in with the lantern decoration spot

    The lion dance caught the attention of families and their kids.

    Visitors also enjoyed the performances in the live music show