February 18, 2013

    Hoi An Pagoda and “Thien Hau” Pagoda Openning near by “Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City” project area

    On February 18 2013, completion ceremony of “Thien Hau” Pagoda and eye-opening ceremony of sapphire Buddha statue of Hoi An Pagoda was held in Binh Duong New City.This two new temples were built in the center of Binh Duong New City, near by “Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City” project area.

    Hội An Pagoda

    CHUA HOI AN 1.jpg

    CHUA HOI AN 2.jpg


    Sapphire Buddha statue at Hoi An Pagoda

    This new “Thien Hau” Pagoda will also hold Chua Ba festival as “Thien Hau” Pagoda (old) at Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City. The Chua Ba festival draws millions of visitors in the first lunar month every year. This is an annual festival, organized on January 15th of Lunar Calendar. The festival is quite important among Hoa community not only in Binh Duong but also throughout Vietnam. People join the festival with spiritual belief it will bring them prosperity and luck for the upcoming year. This festival is expected to bring to the bustling atmosphere for Binh Duong New City on spring days.

    The new “Thien Hau” Pagoda

    CHUA BA 2.jpg