April 10, 2021


    The JVBA Junior Baseball Championship was back to its second tournament in the morning of April 10, 2021, with the participation of the 3 junior baseball clubs from Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean communities in Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon Storm (represents the Vietnamese community), Saigon Phoenix (represents the Japanese community, and HCMC Dragons (represents the Korean community).

    It has been barely a year after the 1st JVBA Junior Baseball Championship, but the young players proved a lot more of their determination in this second year. It’s undeniable that although playing for a junior club, at a junior championship, we can still see their serious sportsmanship spirit, in both practicing and playing, from the tricky ball throw, the powerful hit to the running and shouting in the game.

    At the final match, the champion sup went to the young Japanese players from Saigon Phoenix. The members of Saigon Phoenix, as well as all the players were sure to tried their best and have a lot of fun with those who they share the same passion. We hope that they would hold on to this passion and nurture it on their way to their professional career.

    The 2nd championship cup went to Saigon Phoenix

    The Organizer awarded the side awards to the excellent players

    From left to right: HCMC Dragons, Saigon Phoenix, Saigon Storm

    Here at TOKYU Garden City, Binh Duong New City, sport activities – the most important factor to complete the physical and mental health of a person, are usually held with activities such as football, running, tennis, or this “newly imported” baseball. Among that, the JVBA Junior Baseball Championship is an annual event that welcomes the professional junior baseball clubs in the Southern of Vietnam. The championship is not only a professional game for the young players, but also what nurture the love and interest for baseball lovers in Binh Duong.