November 9, 2021


The second Highlands Coffee store in Binh Duong New City was opened on the Ground floor of the SORA gardens II building on November 12, 2021.

This new branch of Highlands Coffee is claimed to be the most distinguished store in Binh Duong when it’s the very first store to be decorated in Highlands’s latest concept of bright “milk tea” tone, instead of the usual darker “coffee” tone. The contemporary decoration and the high ceilings that form a relaxing space inside the store are also inviting features to all types of customers.

The widened location on the Ground floor of SORA gardens II that looks out to the refreshing and extending Greenway makes the store the best place for the customers’ leisure coffee times with friends and family or even for working.

About SORA gardens II’s Highlands Coffee:

– Address: Ground Floor, SORA gardens II Building, Lot C17, Hung Vuong Blvd., Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong

– Opening hours: 7:00~21:00

– Hotline: 0965.275.670

The SORA gardens area continues to prove its attractiveness when being the most luxury residential project in Binh Duong up to the current time, locating at the gateway of Binh Duong New City and having the exclusive shared facilities on one hand. On the other hand, the apartments’ being surrounded by commercial facilities such as restaurants that represent international cuisines, convenient store, coffee shops, bakery, or Japanese standard clinic brings the residents and customer’s highest living quality.