December 10, 2019


In the past weekend (November 30 and December 1) in Dinh Hoa and Hoa Loi social apartments, many activities were held under the purpose of promoting the two Kaze Bus line No.51 and No.68 which stops at the areas. We wish to generalise the routine of using public transportation in the resident communities. The activities include bus information session, free bus ticket for the residents, games, bus tour,…The residents had the chance to take a ride around the New city on the bus, for free. Of course maybe that was not the first time they travel on the bus, but through the excitement on their faces, we could tell that it was the happiest time. Who doesn’t happy when they have more time to spend with their friends and family?

With the reasonable price at 10,000VND (5,000VND for route no.66, no.67, no.68) and only 5,000VND for students (let’s not forget about the free AEON buses on weekends and holidays), bus has proved to be an economical and effective means of transportation. Plus, using the bus reduces the exhaust gas released to the environment significantly, as well as reduce traffic jam. Besides, Kaze Bus bus lines feature the genuine Japanese style buses, the almost-always-punctual schedule, friendly and well-trained drivers and more. We are sure that these buses are going to bring you the best of services as well as conveniences.

For the moment, our Kaze Bus has the bus No.51 that stops at Dinh Hoa social apartment (from Becamex Tower to Thien Hau Pagoda, hikari, EIU and finally Ding Hoa social apartment) and bus No.68 that goes from hikari to Hoa Loi social apartment. The buses travel through many popular routes and stop at all our familiar locations, and these are what we think could be suitable for all kinds of residents in Binh Duong from students to workers, from the young to the elderly.

Free bus ride in Dinh Hoa social apartment

Bus promote event in Dinh Hoa

Our familiar bus

And our cool-but-lovely drivers

Free bus ride in Hoa Loi social apartment

Minigames in the events