December 30, 2014

    Ancoucement of Kaze shuttle bus schedule from 1 January 2015 to 04 January 2015

    During the 2015 new year period,from January 1st to January 4th, please be advised that KAZE SHUTTLE: Becamex Tower –The EasternInternational University will operate with the ALTERNATIVE SCHEDULEshown below. -For further information, please contact 0650-222-0555

    December 22, 2014

    Christmas Illumination at “hikari” in Binh Duong New City

    Christmas Illumination has been started at “hikari” where THE SUSHI BAR and Family mart are operating behind the Peoples Committee Building in Binh Duong New City. Many lights covering the whole area is presents “Light Carpet” by Seven different colors and you can enjoy a beautiful scenery by walking through the space. What is more, 250 Christmas trees decorated by children from Vietnam Taiwan and Japan are also lighted up from 22nd Dec(Monday) at the hikari. In addition to above, Huong Vung main street in Binh Duong New City is beautifully lighted up. These ornaments give gorgeous and dynamic atmosphere. Eating at THE SUSHI BAR and view “Light Carpet” would […]

    December 17, 2014

    From Tokyu Tama Garden City to Tokyu Binhduong Garden City!

    Thuy Hanh has been very empressed by living environment at Tokyu Tama Garden City – one of the most favorite urban area to live in Japan. Many green spaces create not only a modern living environment but also harmony beautiful harmony nature. And Tokyu brings a Japanese that urban development model into Vietnam for building a beautiful living environemt to Vietnamese. Becamex Tokyu – a joint venture between Tokyu Corporation and Becamex IDC Corp. is developing Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City where residents can work, live and enjoy their modern and sustainable life.

    December 15, 2014


    IMPORTANT NOTICE -Due to the ceremony of Thu Dau Mot City, on the day of December 18th, 2014,KAZE SHUTTLE: Becamex Tower –Binh Duong New City–The Eastern International University(No.51 and 52 bus) WILL NOT OPERATEall day. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. -From December19th, 2014, KAZE SHUTTLE will be operated with the new schedule and route. Please refer to the notice at the bus stops. -For further information, please contact 0650-222-0555. <Please click on the below picture for fullsize version>

    October 21, 2014

    Sales event at SORA gardens on October 25th 2014

    On this coming Saturday, October 25th 2014, at SORA gardens Sales Gallery, Becamex Tokyu will hold an event to where customers could find out more about Japan and the Tokyu Corporation. At this event, BECAMEX TOKYU will introduce about Tokyu’s experience in urban development in Japan; update the construction progress; and explain about management and security system at SORA gardens that will soon be completed. In addition, traditional Japanese foods from the Jyugoya Japanese restaurant will be also served; and each participant will get a voucher worth 100,000 VND that can be used at the Sushi Bar (will be opened soon in our Core city – Binh Duong New City). ■ Time: Saturday, October 25, from 9:00 am to 12:30 […]

    October 15, 2014

    Binh Duong celebrated the Vietnam Entrepreneur Day (Oct 13, 2004 – Oct 13, 2014)

    Afternoon, 13th October, at Conventional Centre, the People Committee of Binh Duong province held the Vietnam Entrepreneur commemoration Day ceremony to praise and reward the top enterprises and businessmen of Binh Duong province 2014. Binh Duong province has over 19.000 entrepreneurs who operate in all of production and business fields. At the ceremony, Binh Duong People Committee praised the top 353 companies; entrepreneurs and farmers. Becamex Tokyu also received testimonial for their excellence achievements in operating business activities that have been contributed to the development of economic and society of the province. On this occasion, the bureau of Binh Duong Business Association has launched with 13 members. Mr. Nakata Yasuyuki, General […]

    September 19, 2014

    Start of the provisional operation of the KAZE SHUTTLE bus in Binh Duong province

    On 20th September 2014 (Saturday), BECAMEX TOKYU BUS, a subsidiary of BECAMEX TOKYU Joint Venture, will start provisional operation of the “KAZE SHUTTLE” bus in Binh Duong Province. Currently, the Integrated Administration Center of Binh Duong has started operating at Binh Duong New City, which has become the new capital of the Province. KAZE SHUTTLE bus connects Thu Dau Mot City and Binh Duong New City. It will be a new means of transport for government workers who work at the Administration Center and will also respond to the transportation needs of the residents in Binh Duong New City. Along with utilizing the Japanese know-how such as running a punctual […]

    September 5, 2014

    “Special promotion and interesting experience at SORA gardens” Event on September 13th

    Saturday, September 13th at SORA gardens Sales Gallery, Becamex Tokyu will hold a special promotion event to introduce the utility services at SORA gardens. The event includes many attractive sections which are: the introdution of management and security of SORA gardens, the exhibition of Becamex Tokyu Bus and the model of Family Mart convenience store. Moreover, at the event, traditional Japanese foods and a voucher of 150,000 VND at Japanese restaurant Jyugoya (in Binh Duong New City) will be prepared for all participants. ■ Time: Saturday, September 13, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm ■ Place: SORA gardens Sales Gallery (Binh Duong New City) ■ Address: Hung Vuong Boulevard, Binh Duong New City, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.

    August 15, 2014

    Notice of solicitation for investment related to Becamex Tokyu’s urban development projects

    August 14th, 2014 Recently, there have been several organizations that have pretended to be Tokyu Corporation to entice Japanese investors in projects in Vietnam that would be similar in nature to the Becamex-Tokyu projects currently underway in Binh Duong Province. Becamex Tokyu would like to inform you that we do not entice investors and are not affiliated with any type of investment funding for urban development projects. Please be aware that any behavior that might impersonate Becamex Tokyu and Tokyu Corporation may be illegitimate and one should be extremely skeptical of their credibility. Thank you for your attention,Becamex Tokyu Co.,Ltd

    August 11, 2014

    Binh Duong FC, 3rd time won the V-League title

    The National football championship, V-League 2014 has ended on 10th August after the last round. At Binh Duong stadium, Binh Duong FC was crowned champion after the final fixture against SHB Da Nang. SHB Da Nang aimed at the 3rd place if defeating Binh Duong, they had an opening goal in 15′, but not too long, the home team picked up, dominated the run of play and equalized in 37′. In the 2nd half, although SHB Da Nang created many opportunities, Binh Duong FC still kept a very strong defensive. The match ended in a draw 1-1. In spite of Binh Duong FC had won the title a week ago, […]